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Different classification systems come in different structures, and formats. It's quite common to see them published only as PDF files or MS Word documents. It's very frustrating when you need to work with such data. Our correspondence tables come as well-structured files in .csv, .json and .xlsx formats, which you can use in your model or report right away, without wasting time on data cleaning and preparation.

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One-to-many mapping

One-to-many mapping means that we find at least one equivalent for each code in "from" classification in "to" classification. We compare the semantic descriptions of codes in each classification and strive to find codes with the most complete overlap of these descriptions.

If a particular code in "from" classification cannot be mapped to a single code in "to" classification, we include additional codes from "to" classification. For example, if "from" classification has a code 111 for "berry production", and "to" classification has codes 541 for "strawberry production", 542 "blueberry production", and 543 "other berries production", the correspondence table would show that code 111 maps to codes 541, 542 and 543.

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Data preparation work is a necessary process of creating virtually any data product. Someone has to do it. This someone doesn't have to be you.

What's even worse, is that thousands of people across various companies work on the same data preparation projects. Often, that menial task is performed by highly-paid professionals earning €500/hour. It's a complete waste of economic resources, and we try to end it once and for all.

With us, you get a clean linking table between two chosen classifications for a fair, one-time price. You save not only money but also hours of work. Our correspondence tables are created by a team of experienced data preparation experts, which means you get the most accurate crosswalk tables possible.

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