Delivering high quality correspondence tables since 2016


Strong co-founder duet that understands the need for clean data.

Amadeus Annissimo


Prior to co-founding A&K Ventures OÜ and Classification Codes, Amadeus worked in the business intelligence field at one of the largest Fin-Tech startups in Berlin, Spotcap. He has a Master's degree in Quantitative Methods in Economics & Information Systems from Warsaw School of Economics in Poland.

Karol Kaczmarek


Prior to co-founding A&K Ventures OÜ and Classification Codes, Karol worked as a Business Advisor at Deloitte and a Manager at JLL. He graduated in 2015 from Warsaw School of Economics (MSc, Quantitative Methods in Economics). He was also awarded a PGD in Property Valuation at Warsaw University of Technology.

We know very well the problem you have with finding quality correspondence tables.

The idea for making the business out of selling quality correspondence tables is not something we stumbled upon randomly. I (Amadeus) worked at 2 different Fintech startups, and in both jobs, we struggled with the same issue - there were no correspondence tables between industry classifications we needed. In one case, we wanted to integrate our product with POS systems using different classifications, in another, we needed them to standardize the reports from credit bureaus in different countries. How did we get them? An intern ended up preparing them. An entrepreneur in me instantly thought that there must be thousands of similar scenarios playing around the globe every day at various companies. I just had to find a way to reach these companies, and let them know someone can do that data prep for them.

For years, I've been trying to convince my now business partner Karol to quit his corporate career and come to Berlin to start a company with me. We finally had the "big idea" we needed. We set up a simple website, mapped a few classifications, launched Google Ads, and waited for first customers. And waited. And waited. In fact, we waited so long that in the meantime we managed to successfully launch another business in a completely different field (home & office cleaning service). We even thought that our idea was a complete flop and that it was only a coincidence that the only 2 companies I worked for had that problem. But the story has a silver lining.

For some reason, we left the project "out there", and didn't shut it down completely. After a year or so, we started to get new orders. They didn't come from paid advertising - people started reaching us from search engines. We improved our website a little bit, optimized the content to be easier to find us, and the number of orders began to finally grow. We were extremely happy to see even Fortune 500 companies trusting our services. It turns out that sometimes you just need to give your idea a little more time to reach its potential.